History Quincy Compressor

historyAfter George Gille, John Kathe, and George Wall discovered there was no interest in their vacuum design where they worked, they found financial backing for a new company in the form of Elation and Maculae Irwin. The Wall Pump and Compressor Co., with headquarters and manufacturing located on Quincy’s riverfront, was born in July 1920.

By 1924, the company had expanded its line beyond its original products, vacuum pumps designed for milking cows and its name to Quincy Compressor Company. By that time, Quincy Compressor had begun selling reciprocating air compressors, and the company grew with the increasing demand for compressed air.

In 1937, Quincy Compressor introduced the Quincy QR-25, which has become an industry symbol of quality over the past 65 years. These same durable characteristics are present in all of Quincy’s complete reciprocating line, which is manufactured in Quincy, Illinois.

histoty2In 1980 we began machining and manufacturing operations in our Bay Minette, Alabama, plant, where we manufacture our rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps. We expanded the Bay Minette plant’s capacity in 1996.

In 2004, we expanded into Kunshan, China, as we opened Q-Tech Air Systems, Ltd. Q-Tech currently employs about 35 people and is expanding. This facility assembles and tests Global rotary screw compressors. The first official production was in July 2004, and the official opening of the facility was in September 2004.

Today, Quincy Compressor is dedicated to delivering uncompromising reliability and performance, customized for the most demanding applications.

Why Quincy?

Quincy Compressor’s reputation for quality dates back to 1920. Since then, we’ve continued to refine and improve our product offerings. In 1937, we released the QR-25 reciprocating/piston compressor, which remains an industry standard known for its reliable performance in demanding applications. Today’s current line of Quincy air compressors includes rotary-screw and oil-free compressors, as well as air treatment products, vacuum pumps, and more.
Quincy air compressors are backed by some of the most comprehensive warranties in the business, with extended coverage available for up to 10 years for select components. When it comes to keeping your business running its best, our products bring a quality you can trust, production shift after production shift. Read more about our coverage options or contact a sales representative directly.

Quincy Products

Industry Applications

natuarl-gasNatural Gas

Few industrial compressor manufacturers can match Quincy Compressor when it comes to around-the-clock gas compression service for high-demand natural gas applications such as gas transfer, vapor recovery and fume elimination.

energy-explorationEnergy Exploration

Our industrial air compressors offer the dependable performance that is vital for remote energy exploration operations, along with unmatched reliability that minimizes repair and maintenance costs.


We offer a wide assortment of high-performing industrial-sized air compressors for heavy manufacturing operations such as assembly plants, refineries, steel production facilities and many others.


Quincy high-efficiency air compressors can meet the unique demands of the plastics industry where a sudden loss of air can shut down an entire operation.


Quincy industrial-size air compressors serve as a ready source of dependable compressed air for millwork facilities, furniture manufacturers and other woodworking-related businesses that require cost-effective operation of air compressors and vacuum pumps.

food-processingFood & Beverage

We’re your source for industrial compressor products that provide contaminate-free, high-quality compressed air for all types of food and beverage manufacturing operations.


Turn to us for products that provide clean, dry, oil-free air for pharmaceutical industry applications such as conveyance, medication manufacturing and instrument air.


Our industrial-use compressor system components provide clean, dry air and stable air pressure for all types of automotive operations such as auto repair and body shops.

surgeonsMedical & Dental

Our products can serve as a reliable source of clean compressed air that is essential for various medical and dental procedures.

climate-controlClimate Control

Quincy air compressors can meet the heavy demands and wide-ranging operating conditions for various climate-control applications.

dry-cleanersDry Cleaning

We feature industrial-size compressors that provide reliable compressed air solutions for solvent processing and garment pressing.

water-treatmentLow Pressure

You can count on Quincy Compressor for energy-efficient compressors and vacuum solutions that are ideally suited for low-pressure applications. They are extremely cost-effective to purchase and install.


We offer several economical industrial-use air compressors that provide the long-lasting performance and low cost of ownership that are essential for productive and profitable farming operations.