About Industrial One

Who We Are

Industrial One is the global innovator of Hi-Tech agriculture with unique capabilities that primarily stem from our multi-national talented professionals, most of whom possesses Postdocs, Doctoral and MBA degrees, have deep scientific understandings of plant genomics, biotechnology and LED technology.

What We Do

We are leading innovator and deliver Hi-Tech agriculture products and complete solutions that benefit for partners and all farmers around the world. Our businesses includes

  • Gene bank
  • Artificial seed production technology
  • In vitro culture technology
  • Hydroponic cultivation technology
  • LED technology
  • Hi-Tech Agriculture construction
  • Agricultural Waste Treatment Solutions
  • Consulting and transfering of Hi-Tech agriculture


Our Businesses

Hi-Tech agriculture is freeing the farmers from their fields. Agriculturally high technologies can save the farmers time and fatigue, reduce fuel use, increase yields and products’ quality, bring cost-savings, and protect human health and environment. Below are Hi-tech in advanced agriculture of Industrial One

Artificial seed production technology

for establishing a gene-bank of all economically important plants for international import and export. The ‘Industrial One’ can create clonal seeds (different from true seeds) not only for plant germplasm exchange between different countries but also for in vitro conservation of valuable and endangered plants within a small space, overcoming any shortages of water supply, land area, workforce, and applications of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides.

In vitro culture technology

for rapid production of a world of in vitro plants which are genetically identical to their selected mother plants, making it much easier for planting, care-taking, watering and harvesting as well as for gaining high yields with low inputs. In vitro cultures include ornamental plants (such as rose, lily, orchid,...), medicinal plants (such as ginseng, blueberry, wasabi,...), fruit trees (such as orange, kiwi, cherry,...), plantation trees (such as eucalypt, pine, mahogany,...), and many other valuable crops.

Hydroponic cultivation technology

for producing clean vegetables and fruits (such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, strawberry,...) with neither soil nor pesticide applications, reducing manpower, decreasing space and water consumption, and protecting human health and environment. This technology is very suitable for creating agricultural products for supermarkets.


LED lighting technology

for controlling and stimulating plant growth and development at different stages for maximizing the quality and yields of agricultural products while minimizing the inputs. LED-light has numerous advantages over existing conventional lamps, including the low power requirement, determined spectral compositions, small size and mass, durability, wavelength specificity and cool emitting surface.


Consulting and transfering of Hi-Tech agriculture

Industrial One has multi-national talented professionals, most of whom possesses Postdocs, Doctoral and MBA degrees, have deep scientific understandings of plant genomics, biotechnology and LED technology. We are differentiated by our capability to offer a complete solution from consutancy to transferring to help customers to achieve sustainable, profitable growth in their agriculture business.


Agricultural construction

Industrial One's experts have over 14 years experience in designing and building with many different projects in Korea and around the world.
We have the expertise to deliver the most complex projects for all climatic and environmental conditions.
- Greenhouses by glass or plastic
- Laboratory & Equipments installation
- Plant factory and Warehouse…. by using Tilt-up construction techniques under Canadian patient

Agricultural Waste Treatment Solutions

Industrial One has the expertise to provide the innovative solutions and equipment and machinery for producing compost, carbonazied, incierator from wasted agriculture.

Our Partners

Industrial One has external collaborations with various companies and universities worldwide as well as local communities.
These collaborations are a key to develop and provide products and innovative solutions that benefit us all

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Our Management Team

Tuyen Ngo

Int’l Management Consulting, MBA

Cao Dinh Hung

Science, MSc, PhD, Postdocs

Kim Seon Ki

Science, PhD, Postdocs

Nam Min Woo

Science, PhD

Dae Ho Choi

Science, MSc