About Us

Industrial One provides a complete SMART Lighting Solution, which utilizes networking and SMART software-based to multiply the energy-efficiency benefits of LED lighting from HORI. This solution gives customers unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, improves the quality of the light delivered, longer lifetime and sustain our environment.


Why SMART Lighting Solutions

 LED Lighting Technologies

family_tree1 Cost savings 50%
family_tree1 Integrated dimming system
family_tree1 Driver On Board System (DOB System)
family_tree1 Protection for long lifetime (50,000hours)

 SMART Software

SMART software-based has the following functions:
family_tree1 Lighting management by manual or automatic
     + Turn ON/OFF
     + SMART dimming
     + Status light
     + Detect malfunction of light
family_tree1 Measurement power of each electrical phase and each light
family_tree1 Warning the trouble of the system
family_tree1 Reporting the use of electric power
family_tree1 Digital/ GIS mapping
family_tree1 SMART assesses management
family_tree1 Anti theft device and electric power
family_tree1 Remote monitoring and controlling via secure internet connection or mobile app


Our Applications

Public Spaces

street Road and Street

suzhou   Industrial Parks

bridge   Bridge

tunnel1   Tunnel


Stadium, Tenis court,


axiomled_led_retrofit_pan  Convinience Stores

BC-Steak-shrimp Foodservice

supermarket Supermarket


Fashion Department Stores

Office and Industry

11018800 Office Building

warehouse Warehouse

07_bodytextL Manufacturing

Hi-Tech Agriculture

BC-Steak-shrimp Hi-Tech Agriculture

Our Services

  • Conceptual Development

  • Lighting System Design

  • Lighting installation & Maintenance

  • Lighting Supply