About Proton OnSite

Proton OnSite is a global leader in hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions. Since 1996, we have been developing and applying hydrogen technology in creative and practical ways that best meets the diverse requirements of our customers.  Our advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis systems coupled with our uncompromising attention to excellence and quality enables us to deliver, install and support gas generation units on every continent. Proton OnSite manufactures hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero air generators that you can rely on. Our on-site gas generators provide a safe, reliable, and cost effective way for our customers to get the gas they need, when and where they need it. Our commercial equipment is operating on every continent, from the middle of the desert and the depths of the sea, to the most prestigious laboratories in the world. No other company has as large of a commercial fleet, or as long of a recorded history with reliability as Proton OnSite. We are exclusively focused on customer solutions, and have the experience and products to assure success.


Industrial One Partner – On Site Gas System

It all began with a trip to the moon.

NASA’s Apollo Program was the ’60s-era race to the moon that culminated with Neil Armstrong’s walk on the lunar surface in 1969. During those crucial years, Francis X. Hursey was pioneering PSA (pressure swing adsorption) oxygen technology as a member of the spacecraft’s breathing air team. After Project Apollo, Frank helped develop one of the first oxygen concentrators for home use. It was this core of knowledge that led him to found On Site Gas Systems in 1987.

Who is On Site Gas? As you might have guessed from our name, we design and build gas-generating (nitrogen and oxygen) systems that function on-site at your physical plant. Our systems are used in mission-critical applications, across dozens of industries, in over 100 countries.

Our standard products are often modified or customized to meet specific customer requirements. All our systems are built in the USA. During more than 30 years in business, we have exhibited an unprecedented level of growth and excellence. Our customers use On Site Gas Systems to replace or augment other gas delivery methods, and many report monthly savings of up to 80%.

We are a private, self-funded company with over 40 employees, many of whom hold at least one patent. In a nutshell, On Site Gas Systems does just what our name implies: we design and build PSA and membrane nitrogen and oxygen generation systems that function “on-site” — wherever that may be. Our safe, continuous, flexible systems provide cost-saving, reliable gas generation for numerous applications, and can be found in over 100 countries. We are a unique company of customer focused product development engineers driven to find a cost effective solution to your industrial gas needs.

It is our privilege to be able to design and build systems that save lives, protect the environment, and offer simple, cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our systems deliver emergency oxygen on the battlefield and after natural disasters. Our nitrogen systems enable lead-free soldering and are used to preserve food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

On Site Systems pioneered the adoption of PSA technology. We are a non-cryogenic gas company with a global reach, offering membrane, PSA nitrogen systems (95-99.9995% purity), and PSA oxygen (USP 93-99% purity) systems for both medical and industrial use. We are FDA-approved for our military medical O2 systems — and our entire PSA and membrane systems meet or exceed USP standards for food grade and medical N2 and O2.


On Site Gas Systems’ products are proudly made in the USA, however, our reach is global. Our customers around the world know that On Site Gas Systems offer superior reliability and we’re proud to make quality products that can be used in the harshest global environments.

ISO Certified

We are a fully certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 manufacturing facility. In addition, our commercial products are UL, CE, and CSA certified along with all our pressure vessels being ASME certified. Our Quality Management System ensures that we provide our customers the best and the highest quality products possible.

Simply The Best Solution

We offer the highest quality products utilizing our ISO certified factory’s along with outstanding engineering experience. Our in-house engineering team is the best in the business, featuring over 70 years of combined experience in nitrogen and oxygen generator technology. Whether you need a Nitrogen or Oxygen Generator for a standard application or prefer a customized system designed, built, and manufactured to meet hour specifications, we can accommodate your needs.

R&D Leadership

Long-term commitment. Consistent leadership.

On Site Gas has always been a leader in nitrogen membrane, PSA, and oxygen generation. To ensure that we’re not only staying ahead of the curve, but also defining it, we decided long ago to dedicate a substantial portion of our resources to research and development. We bring an extraordinary depth of experience to bear. In fact, many of those involved in R&D at On Site have been with the company for decades.

Our founder and President, Francis X. Hursey is a veteran of the Apollo Breathing Air Team and has been awarded multiple patents in noncryogenic gas technology, medical products and nitrogen applications. He invented QuikClot® brand hemostatic agent and was recognized as a top scientist in 2003 by Scientific American.

Our philosophy is to keep the simple processes simple, while making complex processes less complex. This way of thinking has formed the basis for our growth, and has enhanced our reputation. We use COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) parts so that our systems can be serviced by a mechanically inclined person, anywhere in the world. We have worked with and tested all technologies involving PSA gas production, and continue to find that our technology, improved over time, makes the most reliable systems in the world. We constantly seek new ways to apply our proven technology.

Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of company’s mission. We are here to help guide you during your decision making process, answer questions along the way and provide outstanding service and support once your equipment is on location.

Oxygen Applications

Commercial Applications for PSA Oxygen Generator Systems include

Oxygen Generator Systems

On Site Gas Systems is a global leader in PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) technology for industrial gas generation. Our oxygen generators provide oxygen for medical and commercial applications worldwide.

Our PSA Oxygen Generator Systems offer an endless supply of Oxygen for a wide range of commercial applications

For more than 30 years, our oxygen generator company has manufactured oxygen generators in purities up to 95%. Our rugged and reliable oxygen generators are precision-tuned and ideally suited for a range of commercial applications.

99% Oxygen Generation with On Site’s PSA Oxygen Generators

On Site Gas’ industrial oxygen generators have been producing 99% oxygen using PSA technology for more than 30 years. Our company holds a patent for this breakthrough. Every day, our PSA oxygen generation systems are meeting the need for medical O2 in China, Portugal, Brazil and other countries where hospitals and health care providers use only 99% oxygen. These PSA oxygen generators provide oxygen just as reliably and with equally low maintenance as our standard-purity models. It used to be that this kind of oxygen purity only came from bulk suppliers, but times have changed.

Battle-tested, always ready, self-contained medical portable oxygen generator

We manufacture the FDA-approved portable oxygen generator used by the U.S. military and several of its foreign counterparts. Our rugged, self-contained, man-portable USP 93% portable oxygen generating system (POGS) is designed to reliably deliver medical oxygen in remote locations and harsh environments. And it does it with simple, periodic maintenance.

Fast and cost-effective Oxygen cylinder filling

An oxygen filling station can be easily incorporated into an oxygen generator at 93%, 95%, or 99% purity. This gives you the ability to fill your own oxygen cylinders for a fraction of the cost of receiving filled oxygen cylinders from a supplier. Our POGS 33C oxygen filling station replenished well over 2000 cylinders in 10 days during the relief effort following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Most oxygen filling stations use booster pumps to provide 2200 PSIG into the cylinders. Higher-pressure options are also available.

Oxygen Generator Container Systems

On Site Gas is known for building standard, economically priced oxygen generation systems that can be customized as needed. Our oxygen generators can be integrated with a compressor or oxygen cylinder filling station up to 99% purity within a container for easy shipping and on-demand, low-cost oxygen generation. To meet your specs, we can manufacture a highly efficient generation system for separating oxygen gas from the air, completely enclosed within a container.