The sharp rise in nitrogen gas prices as well as transportation cost in the market, it is very difficult
to find Nitrogen gas at an affordable rate. Hence, it is much wiser to buy a Nitrogen gas plant from
INDUSTRIAL ONE Engineering, which is a better investment in the long run.

1. Get continuous gas supply – The Nitrogen gas plant produces Nitrogen gas
continuously, as it can function 24×7. A PSA Nitrogen plant automatically switches to
another PSA vessel when one vessel is saturated with absorbed Oxygen and other
2. Availability of pure nitrogen – A Nitrogen gas plant produces only 95% – 99.99% pure
Nitrogen gas. Oxygen and water vapor are fully absorbed by the Carbon molecular
sieves of PSA vessels, which are periodically released back into the atmosphere. Then
the resultant gas is further processed to make sure of its purity.
3. No manpower needed – The Nitrogen generator is fully automated by INDUSTRIAL
ONE Engineering. It only needs to be switched on and it operates automatically. So, no
trained people are needed to run and monitor its operation, as it can be left unattended
all the time till it is needed to shut down.

INDUSTRIAL ONE,, assists every client with total solutions from supply,
installation and maintenance of its Nitrogen gas generators. Thus, people can now save on
Nitrogen gas prices and continue with their production without any tension.