Nitrogen is an inert gas that fills 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It has unique physical and
chemical properties that are different from other basic or acidic elements. Since nitrogen is mixed
with oxygen and other gases in the air, pure nitrogen is not naturally available. INDUSTRIAL ONE
Co., Ltd has consulted, provided and installed the Nitrogen generators to solve this problem.

A few notable industrial uses of Nitrogen

Food Packaging
Nitrogen is the best option for storing food products, to prevent spoilage of different foods and
beverages. These products are packed in the atmosphere of pure nitrogen, to retain their freshness and
food value for a long time. Oxidation can stale foods, which can be prevented by surrounding these
products with nitrogen.

Pharmaceutical Industry
The inert properties of Nitrogen gas makes it ideal blanketing gas in pharmaceutical application where it
is needed to prevent oxidation and degradation of chemicals and powder by atmospheric oxygen and
moisture. Protection is achieved by keeping these items under Nitrogen atmosphere.

Purging and Blanketing
Nitrogen is essential in blanketing and Purging of vessels in Chemical Industries. Nitrogen is used to
remove Oxygen from vessels before filling any chemical and also use to create Nitrogen blanket over
Chemical to avoid any flammable conditions.

Cement Industry
In cement manufacturing process, pulverised coal is used as a fuel. It has some volatile contents and
can catch fire easily in the presence of air (spontaneous ignition). Nitrogen is used as inert gas for
purging of coal mill, bag filters and fine coal silos to aid in fire prevention and also for fire mitigation
when required.

Heat Treatment
For Heat Treatment furnaces, INDUSTRIAL ONE CO.,LTD supplies Ultra High purity Nitrogen generator
producing Nitrogen from Air. This gas is very Dry, (-) 60°C Dew Point. Our special Nitrogen generator is
used in Heat Treatment processes.